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Hello From  We have some INSANE deals right now on the site.

Current INVENTORY:  Please email if you don’t see anything in the Cart or full inventory on the page.

Here is our leftover stock with goodies before we have the 2017 baby season.  You can see the full inventory on the page and check out through the Cart.  Also check out many of the Fire Diamond projects on the site for great deals.  Most of animals under 500 dollars are firm as we close out the inventory. OBO on higher end animals.  email   If you want overseas shipping on items over 500 dollars please contact to arrange quarterly shipping to other countries, the shipping prices may be a little higher depending on your area.

Check out the Short Video of our line up or list on the Facebook fan page or youtube.

We have been breeding and hope to have a good 2017 season.  We have a good 5 to 6 months window here. If have not got your 2 hour non Stop Boa Keeping and breeding DVD to give you extra hints on breeding.  Here is the Link.

We run our Business three ways.

1. We have a list of Wholesalers we have worked hard and established relationships from Europe and Asia, Canada, etc..  These wholesalers only buy larger orders so they often visit my place and we give them high prioroty.  This year our wholesalers picked out many of our VPI stock, Fire Diamond Stock, etc…  If you are interested in any animal, we may have it, so please email to check to see if we may have in stock what you are looking for.

2. We use our Web site where you can check out Immediately to purchase an animal from the Cart.  We keep this page fresh and update so you can see at least an example of 50 animals of some of the current inventory we have. If there is anything you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.   Some prices can be negotiable, and we do offer payment plans and some trade deals on few Boa constrictors. We do will not trade for Ball pythons as we are satisfied and settled in our projects at the moment.

3. We list about 40 Auctions of Boa Constrictors and Ball pythons on monthly that run every other Thursday.  Often you will find some insane deals there as the auction is a gauge and a great network of quality animals. Auctions must be paid for within 72 hours of the Auction Rules. You can sign up to bid at this link.  COMBINE on shipping costs with Multiple Auction Wins.

Many auctions are offered world wide so please check the area for delivery and we combine shipping costs on multiple animal wins.  Sign up to Bid on Auctions Here.

 We will run Auctions shortly on all items that don’t sell for super Thursdays to prepare for room for the new babies.  As of now only one snake is there until Super Thursdays on April 13th.

Current INVENTORY:  Please email if you don’t see anything in the Cart or full inventory on the page .

We have very few Super Fire Boas left, but we have a good variety of Fire Diamonds with multiple bloodlines available now if you want to get a year or two up on projects you may like.

Be Sure to Keep Checking the Site Weekly as it will be updated on a Weekly basis.  Go Check it out. We post a lot to our Facebook Fan page. Make sure you like the page to see it in your feed.

2017 expected inventory.  Sharp Albinos, Many combos in the line including Blood Sharp, Snow blood sharp, and others with the Amazing BCW combos that Rival VPI looking stock to ad diversity to your collection.   VPI,  Snowglow Jungle, Jungle Motley, Motley VPI, Snow VPI, Aztec VPI, etc…  IMG Aztec Sunglow VPI, and IMG ghost VPI.   Kahl Bloodline albinos.  Many combos, arabesque, jungle, Motley, and IMG albino.   IMG, aztec IMG and hypo aztec IMG Fire Diamond.  Hypo Aztec IMG het Albino and het Snow.    Fire Diamond. The Most diverse bloodlines with a few combos people don’t even know was possible.   Also few Super Fire Princess or Emporor Diamonds will be born here in 2017, but fire Diamond Litters will be available with diverse genetic bloodlines.   We have a great diverse of some Surprise projects as well.

BALL PYTHONS..  This will be one of our better seasons with Rare projects.   We have over 75 combinations we will make with many clutches to supply our customers in the past unlike I was able to the past few years.  It will be a great Ball year.  email is and Phone is 8017094841 if your prefer to text or Call.

If video does not appear, here is the Link.

Sincerely,   Jeremy Stone  ( Home of and our Motto is “Operation White Snake ALL OVER THE WORLD”
Thank you for registering for the Newsletter. We Try to send these out every two weeks to a monthly. This year has been a very busy season.  If you don’t want to be subscribed to this email. Please click the UNSUBSCRIBE button.

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April 4, 2017 at 8:53 am

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Thank you for shopping at  It is very hard to keep an updated inventory list as we have many ball pythons hatching late.  Our boa season is done and we are focused on Boa season for 2017.

Current List BOAS:

Super Fire Princess and Emperor Diamonds  (VERY FEW AVAILABLE)

Fire Diamands Many Bloodlines with many options and killer genes behind.

Blood Boas, Anery, Motley Blood, Bloody Sunglows, many Blood Boa projects available

Albino Jungles, Kahl line, and Albinos and Sunglows, Motley Jungles

VPI, very few, check cart

Jungles, Hypos, Motleys, T positives, commons with mixed around Genes



Sharp Blood stock, and even some adult males ready to breed up on Site. We will ad 10 more in the next 2 weeks as we go over our breeding projects for 2017.

Lots of odds and Ends.  Please INQUIRE on prices or specific animal you may want as we may have it.

Ball Pythons

Pieds, Coral Glows, Many double and tripple Co dom Morphs, etc……..  We will list these up shortly as we are hatching clutches daily.

We ship overseas quarterly to save you shipping or only take overseas orders in amounts over 4k orders.  Please email for shipping overseas rates.

Please checkout our Auctions on the Ring. There are many great deals you can snag and we keep this stocked with multiple projects often produced here.

Please always “Like” and  check out or facebook page, as we post specials quick and remove them so keep an eye out on our fanpage. We do many vids and pics here.   FACEBOOK FAN PAGE

Our Latest Youtube video is Price list

Please be sure to subscribe to our channel. Youtube

As always the best way to contact us is email  or Phone text message. We always try to respond ASAP.

Thank you, Jeremy Stone   Operation White Snake “All over the World”






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Retort From Stone

cover copy.jpg



Brazil Agent Abreu now offers his book for Free with a new ending about stone. Click link above for a free copy of the book written and published by Federal Agent Abreu.


A lead Special Federal Agent Carlos Abreu with a sworn affidavit in Federal Court against Stone, now offers the book written with an edited ending, open letter, and open threat, to Jeremy Stone’s business. This book revealed sealed information leaked for profit by Brazilian Agent Abreu.  It has also been available to purchase on since October, 2013.  We recommend reading the first 20 pages to understand the mindset of why this Federal Agent chose Stone to be his main target or “Alpha Target”. The rest of the book you can see his agenda such as the Rodda/Reid report, etc.. Scroll to page 76 to read “Boitata Operation” against Stone. The book was written in a movie like way, with conflicting statements and diagrams.

The Case:

Jeremy Stone’s case ended July 31, 2014, as many media reports have dates wrong. This is public information. The only part of this “closed case”,  is the Sealed Affidavit in support of a Search Warrant by the USA.  Stone has promised the USA to not release this sealed information contained. The USA can decide if they want to unseal this.  It may not be necessary, as it is was resolved. If the USA chooses to unseal it, Stone will not be able to share it, until that time. Stone will trust the USA. This is not urgent. This is Public information.

The Stipulation and fight over property ended February, 2015. This was ignored by most media reports. Regardless of this, Stone always honored his USA contract and is fully licensed in business worldwide. Stone did not plea to what publications on federal web sites and other media reports say. The Federal docket is in error as stated by the USA and Stone in the Stipulation Agreement.

In October 2014, Brazil came forward to declare property Stone gave to the USA. The case continued in a civil manner when Stone challenged the facts of EFC 59 in Federal Court.  Facts of the book, and facts of Brazil motion EFC 59 and 59-1 were contested by Stone. A Stipulated agreement was made in February 2015.  None of Stone’s customers were notified about forfeiture to challenge facts. All customers of Stone were to be notified as declared by the warrant. None of Stone’s customers to Stone’s knowledge, were notified of this procedure. (refer to attachment below EFC 59-1 and EFC 59 )

The USA is not to blame for this. Stone resolved this with his prior agreement with the USA. The statues have past for anyone person to challenge Stone/USA/Brazil, as stated in the Stipulation agreement. Brazil was the only party to declare property from USA via Stone in a certain time frame. Refer to EFC 92 signed by the Honorable Federal Court Judge. (Attached Below)


We ask for patience in the Reptile Community. Many people have no idea they have been written about in this book. There are many names of people in the reptile industry who have been harassed as well. We ask them not to retaliate in a negative comment or in anyway toward Special Agent Carlos Abreu, as he continues this on social media. Stone’s projects are legal world wide with DNA results. Stone is always honest in the genetic intellect he learns from all his projects to and from his customers. Please let Stone handle this with due process. Stone is non violent, opposite as what is described by Mr. Abreu.  However, it is very important to respect and treat all law enforcement with dignity and respect for the service they provide. If you have any issue, always use legal remedies and never disrespect those who serve and protect our communities. Stone does not believe that Police are against him as described by Agent Abreu. We encourage any associate to never disrespect Agent Abreu, or any police officer in whatever Nation, even if you disagree with his views regarding this case. Let due process handle this respectfully.

Civil litigation may be necessary, as statutes of limitations soon passes overseas for defamation cases on false media reports. The legal staff of Stone is working hard in Brazil to prepare for this if necessary. This will not affect any customer of Stone. There should be no fear that any customer of Stone, or reptile keeper, mentioned in the book published by  Brazil Agent Abreu. They are not “Targets” as this case ended two years ago,  July 2014.

Stone signed an agreement with the USA that said “Jeremy Stone’s customers would not be accountable for any forfeiture of any offspring, past, present and future of Jeremy Stone’s snakes sold world wide”. Stone provides all paperwork to customers that reflect the quality of all genetic intellect for all snakes he sells.

As you can see, Stone was up against a huge challenge with EFC 59-1.  The Brazil MLAT accepted, commanded the USA to go at Stones customers. Stone resolved this issue with the USA. Here is the public Document “Unsealed”. Brazil MLAT (Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty) against Stone. The USA took over justification to the MLAT  public information  “unsealed”.     59 doc 10-7-14 Petition of the Government of Brazil in Ancillary Hearing-3


This “New find” has Nothing to do with the Princess Diamond Project genetic intellect of Stone Princess Diamond project or any other project associated with Stone.  Allegations that Stone smuggled this “new find” to Brazil are simply false, as you can see by the story in the four minute documentary video from Brazil.

Brazil reports:

Sadly, there are many reports and documentaries about Stone in this case that are in error.  Globo TV has not been correct on multiple documentaries.  This story is very disturbing with comments and the death threats toward Stone in blogs here, and in other forums. Stone takes these threats serious, but also realizes a very strong support team is around him at all times.  This report story is disturbing because it does show that the Brazilian government does not trust the USA, the pictures, sheds, and the sub species BCI, and agreements made to Stone in this MLAT process.

Stone will honor and stick with the USA agreement and all parties. There are always new discovery’s in the genetic field Stone works with this. This is what Stone has labeled “genetic art” as described in Mr. Abreu’s book. It is also genetic intellect that comes with years of hard work, research, and science. Stone was given back property and photos of dead snakes, and also pictures of death, including many sheds by the USA. The genetic intellect or sub species as commanded in the warrant on Stone from Brazil in 2013, are in error. DNA has been obtained by Stone.

Brazil is a Sovereign country with many great people. Stone allowed property given to the USA, to go to Brazil, on certain conditions and Stipulations in February 2015. Stone’s legal team has received discovery of shed samples of leucistic species, and pictures from Brazil that do not match with scale counts as well. Stone declared his project species BCI captive born, not to be released into the wild. If Brazil disregards this, and releases these snakes into the wild, there is nothing Stone can do other than agree with the USA and Stipulation agreement and abide by CITES law. (Refer to Stipulation 91-1 attached below)

Stone can never challenge or receive any of the repatriated animals to Brazil allowed in the stipulation agreement. The legal staff of Stone would be happy to provide details of genetic intellect, and species through the proper legal channels, however Brazil has never requested this to this point.

Where is “Diamond”?

The USA knows, and so does Stone. Stone will never talk of this!  It is too sensitive of an issue for his family. Please don’t ever ask Stone about dead bodies, or dead snakes, or also pictures for verification.  Stone shows enough in his Boa Constrictor keeping and breeding DVD, and goes over sensitive issues, and topics such as this. This video is sold on published February 2013 with an update coming in 2018.

Stone will stick to the positive and show living genetic art.  This was definitely not a victory for “Diamond”, a part of Princess Diamond project, or Stone. This was a huge loss. However, Stone keeps top quality care of his animals and has thousands of satisfied customers world wide. This was never called into question during the USA investigation. Stone’s customers should not be targets.

Child Labor allegations in the events described in the book by Agent Abreu toward Stone were never charged in a court of law. Boa constrictors are common snakes to Brazil like Agent Abreu mentions in the book. Regardless, captive born snakes should not belong in the wild to compete in areas of different sub species of the Boa Constrictor. This is CITES law. They are not meant for the wild and deemed dead to the wild surplus.  They are PETS only. Stone has traveled to Brazil and visually witnessed and filmed kids selling  boa constrictors on a noose recently caught in their back yard for food. In this culture, kids sell these boa constrictors for ten dollars to feed their families for food on street markets.   Stone does not buy or sell his product for skin of food. Stone understands the people are just trying to survive. Stone never participated in this behavior. Stone does not understand the laws there regarding this subject matter. Stone is a USA citizen, and has no power in Brazil to stop that behavior.  However, some children in Brazil need to eat, and if the common Boa Constrictor is their source of food, Stone accepts this. The allegations of “child labor” are false.


Why does this lead Agent continue to threaten Stone and his business? :

Agent Abreu made a recent open threat telling Stone that he will not stop and bring more MLATS against Stone and his customers.  He will not stop until Stone gives back Brazil many animals that do not belong there.  It is unclear if this is a threat, or an ongoing civil proceeding or legal battle Mr Abreu is portraying. Stone assumes Brazil will comply  with the Stipulation agreement signed by the Federal USA Court. Stone’s customers should not be a target of any of Mr Abreus threats.

The legal staff of Stone, is trying to get clarification on EFC 59-1 page 3 and 4 at the bottom of filing.  There is a mistype on the Warrant.  We are unsure if Brazil is going to honor number 4 that should read number 5. 59-1  59 doc 10-7-14 Petition of the Government of Brazil in Ancillary Hearing-3 Clarification on a simple type error can take a long time in Brazil, and the legal staff of Stone has to spend a lot of time and money for clarification on simple matters such as this. Regardless, Stone will honor his agreements with the USA.

Stone is prepared in case Brazil does not honor that MLAT for repatriation and the Stipulation agreement. This should not affect Stone’s business from this point forward.  Because there may be ongoing litigation with the new concern with this Brazilian agent, Stone will not take media questions until there are final results of civil proceedings if ever necessary. Stone will always respond to his customers, run his business, and has a strong support group of great people. Stone truly appreciates the support he has received from his customers during this time.

Public Information

Brazil MLAT against Stone and USA taking over Jurisdiction is public  “unsealed”.     59 doc 10-7-14 Petition of the Government of Brazil in Ancillary Hearing-3

Stone Affidavit of events:  Doc 31 Jeremy’s Sworn Affidavit

Followed by “Alleged Million Dollar Snake” Stone Attorney 32 doc Stone attorney.Evidence

After Concessions were made, and a long court battle, a stipulation agreement was made February 2015. Stipulation agreement EFC 91-1 

This was signed by Federal Court Judge.92 signed by the judge

Stone will always continue to run business in a legal way and retort if ever necessary in due time. This Case has been resolved in the USA for a very long time. However, Agent Abreu challenged Stone legally. He recently added a new ending to his book with this threat. Agent Abreu states he would not stop until Stone faces Abreu with any “Battlefield or jurisdiction” of Stones choice.

Brazil Agent Abreu fails to mention he has never shown up in a court of law in the “Battlefield” he requested from Stone. You can view it for free.

Also, a language barrier existed from Brazil and Stone. All of these legal disputes have been translated correctly by the legal staff representing Stone in Brazil. These cases can drag out civilly overseas for a long period of time. They are time consuming and expensive.  We ask for patience, as Stone is always confident in the genetic intellect of every snake he produces and sells to customers world wide with proper Vet checks, CDC Vet second check, and USFWS inspections on exports.

Stone apologized to USARK.  Stone was prepared to testify in Congress September 20, 2013 as a leading expert in the industry, with facts that conflicted the Rodda/Reid Constrictor report as a member of When Stone learned of a “sealed” Search and Seizure Warrant two weeks prior, Stone was aware he was the “Alpha Target”. Stone nor USARK was aware of this the month prior while preparing talking points and facts. Stone’s legal staff asked Stone to respectfully decline to testify in Congress to protect his business and family. Stone sincerely apologized to his fellow reptile keepers for this event. Stone was embarrassed by this incident, and asked for patience. Stone appreciated the support from   USARK is a band of brothers, and sisters, that fight for your legal rights in all areas you live. They put in hard work, with a great legal staff. They protect and defend all responsible reptile keepers. They also support people who work hard in small, and large business. These people also contribute to education, research, and science all over the USA. USARK provides education and legal support to its members who feel threatened in their areas. They also provide details about laws that should always be respected. Please contribute to USARK and learn your Rights. 

Retort VideoYou will not understand this video unless you read this blog..

Also Retort on Facebook:

For any information concerning snakes or business, you are more than welcome to contact  If you want to talk to Stone about the case, you must contact his Legal Staff.  Stone is not interested in any media outlet portraying his case or story for sale. Stone will answer facts to all his customers when talking about snakes and genetics. Stone promised the USA to continue to conduct his business in a legal way through the whole process, and will continue to do so.

Thank you,

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Protected: Retort from Stone

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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April 2015

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We have had some neat litters this year so far and also a few slugs.  Here is a look at what is coming ahead.
You can check out our Weekly Auctions that end Thursdays to combine shipping if you win multiple Auctions.   We have 26  Auctions up now that end Thursday. These are made available only to the USA at the current time.  However, we are working to make all auctions and animals available for delivery with CITES worldwide again in August of 2015. This is something we have worked hard on that will be ready shortly with an update.  Our Auctions are USA only at this time.

Here are some specials we are working on, make sure you checkout the links.  We post a lot to facebook so like the page to get some deals.  Here are the links to the Princess Diamond Super Fire Combos I have.  2014 I have decided to offer one Princess and one Emperor Diamond in a Package Deal.  Here is the link. Videos and better pics will be posted to the web page tonight.

Available Now:   2015 VPI T Positive Jungle Motleys, T positive Jungles, and T positive Motleys.   We also have the hets in multiple combinations.  Prices vary according to looks.   We also have DH Sunglow Kahls, and a Few 2015 Fire Diamonds.  Three Deals of the Week we have a 1. Ghost Motley Male Het Sharp Snow.  SALE 1300  2. Male Salmon Jungle Het VPI het Anerythristic.  1300.  Also, we have a 2014 Male Key West Boa 100 percent het VPI.  SALE 1900 this week only.    FullSizeRender-2fmotjunvpi

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Deals And Newsletter From

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Our Newsletter made a mistake this week so I thought I would post the Whole thing here. To Sign up for the newsletter to get Weekly updates here is the Link.

Special Deals this week.  This is the first time we have offered up this snake.  2014.  0.1 Princess Diamond Super Fire with an Unrealted FIRE DIAMOND Male. We have not offered ANY FOR SALE this year.   (Inquire ) Overseas sales must wait to receive until after July 2015.  There will be very few Super Fires Produced in 2015.

Also, we have a Sunglow Sharp Strain Albino 2014 Male Het Snow 2k.  We are also going to sell a few pairs of 2014 Possible Dominant Hypos 100 percent Het Blood and also Het Anerythristic type 2.  SPECIAL 2k for the Week only.  2014 Ghost Male 100 percent het Sharp Strain Albino 1500.00   These can be purchased worldwide, however shipping is not available until August.

The new  has had a face lift. We are excited for the 2015 Season.  For You can check out our Weekly Auctions that end Thursdays to combine shipping if you win multiple Auctions.   We have 30 Auctions up now that end Thursday. These are made available only to the USA at the current time.  However, we are working to make all auctions and animals available for delivery with CITES worldwide again in August of 2015.   This is something we have worked hard on that will be ready shortly with an update.  Our Auctions are USA only at this time.

Be Sure to Keep Checking the Site Weekly as it will be updated on a Weekly basis.  Go Check it out. We post a lot to our Facebook Fan page. Make sure you like the page to see it in your feed.

Last week we had some sad news that there was federal legislation and many friends in the business who work with Retics and Anacondas were affected in a negative way. We are not happy about this at all.  The only positive news is the Boa Constrictor was not affected and removed from the USA Federal Register for Listing as an Invasive Species, so the Boa is here to stay.  We encourage all to stay into the debate and help out raise money for a Lawsuit that is pending in Federal Court to get the Constrictor Rule Reversed.

Sincerely,   Jeremy and Kara Stone    (  Home of and our Motto is “Operation White Snake ALL OVER THE WORLD”   email is


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Holliday season and planning for our Breeding Video Release..

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UPDATE ON BREEDING VIDEO:  We will have this available January 7th.  We have had some issues with Publishing for Copyrights, but I am also adding a section at the end of some amazing Boas of the Future, from some other Breeders,so this can be updated.  We apologize for not having them ready before Christmas.  We start our Breeding November 15, but due to the warmer weather we have barely begun the breeding season.  Most of Breeding comes in December, January, February, and March.   We will have the Videos available on the site and with a few distributors.

The Best Part of Boas

The Best Part of Boas

I will be sending out a Mass Email for those that use my Newsletter.  We will be sending out Deals through our Newsletter, and be

VPI Jungle Mot X Hypo Mot

VPI Jungle Mot X Hypo Mot

posting up Adds on Facebook and Auctions.   We are using my personal FACEBOOK account for this, but we will be posting them also to the Fan Page.  Bidding will be accepted there after APRIL.   If you want to bid on any of the animals we have, please private message me in Facebook because our Friends limits exceed 5k.  I will add you as a friend if you private message me.

Please visit our Fan page on Facebook and Like the page if you want to see a lot of good Boas and Ball pythons and get some incredible deals.

I will be in Hamm Germany reptile show this weekend. It will be a quick trip.   If you have a special Boa you want to show me to allow for some pictures, please let me know.   Jeremy

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Fall Season is Beginning!! Breeding Video Update Release January 7, 2013

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NEWS FLASH:  KEEPING AND BREEDING Video will be Released January 7, 2013


CA T Poss Sunglow Motley getting ready to breed.


A nice Jungle Het Square Tail. The colors on these guys are coming up nice.

Hello, I have been back from all the Late summer and Fall reptile shows.  We attended a lot this year.  I just got back from Snakeday Holland and had a good time seeing and meeting a lot of different people.  We have a lot of people ask about our Breeding Video, and we had to put it off by 1 month. We start our breeding in November and December.  The Video should be out in the January 7, 2013.  We still have just a few segments to rap up and talk about the very beginning of breeding.  After that I should have copy’s for sale online and hard copies as well.  We will also have inventory updated and changed. We will give the front page a new look.  You can purchase the video online from the page or download it as well.  We also have the facebook fan page.  Please go “like” this link if you have not already done so.  This will allow you to follow some of our posts and see some animals for sale in package deals that will not be on the site.  We will integrate the two soon.   I hope everyone has a great Breeding Season this year.  There will be some amazing looks to the Boas and the Balls in 2013. Thanks, J

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Our 2012 Season is in Full Bloom. Here is some News

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Sunglow Jungle VPI


Baby Boas 2012. A good mix.

Hello, I just wanted to give a lot of news quick.  We have been very busy with the summer.  I have been doing less posts and videos because we are trying to get our Video For Sale on Keeping and Breeding Boas launched by October 1st.  We have had a very busy June and Mid July.  We only have 2 Boa litters left for the season and that will be it.  Our Ball Pythons have been hatching and we are busy setting them up.  We will have an Updated List on of most our Available Boas for the year.  Right now we are getting with a lot of our Wholesalers and larger customers for some of our Package deals, but we should have a good updated list of Boas for the 2012 year.  The Balls will be coming in later and we will keep the website updated.  Facebook is always crazy and people like to contact me there.  I am building a fan page and we will have that up shortly and we will put up animals and specials for sale there as well.


Motleys HET PD


Some Nice Jungle Motleys and Salmon Jungles Het Albino

I am happy with the Season we had because we produced a Ton of Variety.  We had a Jungle Het PD litter where we got 3 Jungles and 1 normal and some slugs from a smaller, but the Babies were huge, and they are awesome.  We also had a Motley litter and the Babies from that female are UNREAL.  That will be it for PD.  The rest will be up to his Children. We had a few VPI litters, some insane Jungle and Sharp stuff, and a some great Combos with the Arabesque.   We are looking for a few projects, and we will be able to offer some trade this year.  If you have some good animals, let us know.

I will be trying to keep the pages together soon and link them.  With youtube, facebook, and the page, it is hard to juggle them all, but the Best way to contact us for info on Rare Boa projects or anything available is through the contact form.

I have a lot of good footage so I’ll put together a few shorter videos.  I have been doing shorter private videos for some of our customers on Rare stuff when they are purchasing orders.

I hope you all are enjoying the Hot Summer Weather.  Have a great Week. Jeremy Stone

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Summer Season is coming fast..

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Freak Morph that died 45 minutes after born. He had an open stomach with his guts on the outside. Sad. It was soo pretty.


Jungle Motley PH Anery/Blood Boa. Born 6/1/2012

With the Busy summer ahead, I won’t be able to do as many Videos.  I will try to get one up every 3 to 4 weeks, but I’m doing certain small videos to organize better with a good video description of cool morphs.  We have had some fun litters the past few weeks, and I have been able to get a lot of good footage.  We are saving the video footage and some of the goods to keep for our Boa Constrictor Keeping and Breeding video that we hope to have for sale be the Fall.  We will have the Website updated by the first of July with all the newer animals we have for sale.  We have sold a lot of our litters that we have had to certain buyers around the country and world.  Since we are having a slower boa year, we will be slim on inventory, so if you see something you like, please send us an email.

We have a busy schedule planned. I will be in Hamm,  Germany this weekend  June 9th.  I will be staying at the Mercure and have an extra room if anyone needs one, let me know. Mike Wilbanks and I are going to do some travel together and I’ll be near his table.  I’ll help him unpack and set up so his crew can get some rest. Please come by and say hello.  I am excited to see many friends over there that share the Reptile passion. There are some INCREDIBLE Reptiles in Europe.  It is a Short trip, and I’ll be home on Monday.  Josh will be here to take emails and orders, and my wife is going to help coach Zack and Jackson’s little league games while I’m gone.  I hate missing a Dodgers Game.


Albino Jungles Born 5/24/2012

There are a lot of projects that I’m trying to work on. This week we had a litter from a Jungle het anery het blood CA bred to a Hypo Motley pastel Boa.  I think this will be a great gene in the future, and I knew they would look really cool.  The parents are both very nice Boas.   My goal with this is to strengthen up the Super Jungle Gene (I love the looks of the Super Jungle). With these being 3/4 is Colombian, I think the CA will help the jungle gene, but it is just a fun project.  Jungle, Blood, and Motleys and Hypos/anerys, all in one is a cool route to go down the road.

I will be discussing in the Videos on how to get Boas a certain size and why.  We got a lot of questions about my last video.  I’ll have to explain more about raising and life span in the next few sections. Also, yes, PD is doing fine. We won’t have babies until July from that project.  This will be the last year we will have HETS available.   We are also hatching out some ball pythons.  We are going to have a solid year on the Balls.  When you have a downer Boa year and resting females, it is nice to have Ball pythons help keep your spirits up.  When both are in bad seasons, it is hard to stay positive.    I hope everyone is going to have a Great Summer.  With my kids home from School I can tell I’m in for a long summer.  🙂     To contact us please use the Contact form on  Jeremy  Stone

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June 5, 2012 at 9:42 pm

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