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Motleys, and Whacky Genes….

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  I will try to keep this updated at least 2 times a week, but with my upcoming travel schedule, and Christmas, I’ll do my best.   If you have NOT been answered yet in our Email, please give us

A very Rare "gem" of a Motley

a few days.  We are getting an influx of email, and we will get back to you ASAP.   I have done a few videos, but I’m doing to do a Final 2010 Video.  I will show some of the Funkiest stuff that has me scratching my head.  I will add some Legal Stuff for all the specific Boa People, and talk about that, (boring/yawn).  On the morph front, I think we have many things similar to the Balls, but the genes work differently.  (Yes, they are LIGHT YEARS ahead of Boas), but there are some cool things with the Boas still..  2010 was one of our Best years, but it was also one of my WORST as far as accidents.  There was also the death of a GRAVID female the day of her due date was one of the WORST experiences and biggest loss in all my keeping of Boas.   I’ll explain more later.  VERY VERY SAD!!  I was Visually upset as many around me knew.  It STUNK!!!! The pictures will make you SICK to your stomach.    Now, onto the Positive.

MOTLEYS:::  Boy has the Motley been good to me, but after 12 years of breeding them, I found there were a few with a very interesting twist.   I have been premature in the past on calling things out that I had NO IDEA I was wrong.  I don’t want to sound like an Idiot so I’ll just have to breed a few more years before I speculate on a few new different morphs and bloodlines.  I know people don’t like secrets and with the internet, it seems people want to tell you how your soup should be prepared, and what soup you should be eating next…  It’s crazy….  I know most people respect keeping more quite when working with snakes, rare morphs, and projects you have put your heart and hard work into.   Let me tell you how many ODD things I have had happen with the Motley project that took me many years to figure out.  1.  Hypo Motleys making only Hypos and Motleys.  VERY STRANGE.  It doesn’t work the same way with Jungle, Arabesque, and a few others, but for some reason when combined with the Hypo it does something strange.   2.  Super Motleys.   Do i even need to go on?  3.  Super Motleys from Normal Motleys.   This has me scratching my head.   Albinos popping from an Albino to the ORIGINAL Motley who was NOT het albino…  4. Red Devil (I wish it would hit) 5.  Some of the new motleys have me a little confused…..      I know these genes get confusing, but when we Sell animals, we have NEVER SOLD an animal as a het that is NOT a het as many customers will attest to.   That is something we take Pride in, and always will.    We do dot the I’s and cross the T’s.  Being in the Ball Python market, I have learned a Very good lesson that I will apply to Boas.   I also do believe there are Many morphs to come…   Picture are two Motleys with Whacky Genes.   One is a Jungle Motley with something different in it.    The other is the last I’ll show from a special litter.

Jungle Motley combined something Odd but not rare

The Boa Breeding has begun here in full swing.  We have revamped our Collection, and are focusing on producing LESS boas but good quality…

Similar to Sterling Boa

Anything more than 35 litters a year is just insane Madness when you have other Reptiles.     I have to say my Favorite New Morph in 2010 is the STERLING…  I believe I had the same animal or similar.  I bought it with an infection in the nose that was HUGE.  He still bred, but shortly died and I never was able to get babies.  DANGIT!!!  Another one down the drain.  It looks like this one was brought back from the Dead, and the Boa heavens smiled.   What will 2011 bring??   You may learn you don’t have to travel Far to find something special in your OWN collection.  So don’t forget to Breed those Boas, and if you get something EXCEPTIONALLY rare, it is NO secret that we will be interested in getting into that project.  If you pop something “Exotic and Rare”, PLEASE CALL ME ASAP!!!!    Take Care, Jeremy


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November 28, 2010 at 4:08 am

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Hello Everyone,  Lots has been happening here and we have been busy.  We will get back to MANY of the responses that we had on the Princess Diamond Project in the next few days.   It is interesting to see a lot of speculation on the project, but I’m confident we know what we have.  There is no need to debate the issue. As time goes on, we will show a few  cool detailed pics showing why the Animal is unique. We are happy to share information Direct.   Many want

Odd Baby 2010

to call it what they want, and I just call it the Princess Diamond Project.   The Name is project specific.  Some of the animals are just mind blowing, and I love the Diamond head and the eyes.  There is still a lot of work to be done and I’ll keep what I can updated.  I actually nick named the Male “rogue” because he seems to change in looks every time I see him according to the light around.  Outside he comes out of stealth in the Sun, but can look dull in the night.    For all questions, please contact us directly.   There are way too many Rumors around white animals, it is impossible for me to even make sense of them.  Out of respect for others, who may have projects similar, I can only comment on what I know to be fact.

Odd 2010 Baby

On a side note,  It seems we have a lot of morphs ahead as the Boas somewhat pick up.  We hope to show more new stuff and some special projects Next year.  Stuff only few people see. That is what makes the business fun.  I’m also always way excited to see new morphs from other people. You have to get the goods from a lot of hard work other breeders have put into certain projects.  There are many good ones to choose from.    Here is something special that we are working on.  It appears to be calico freaky things that come out, and of 2 litters, we have produced 4 animals that are STAND OUT.  I hope it proves out to be something cool.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and our Boa Price list is updated.  Please sign up for our Notification form as we will be using this.

Jeremy Stone

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November 25, 2010 at 12:11 am

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Princess Diamond

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It has been a crazy week, and I have always been hesitant to ever talk about this particular animal.   I hope that many people will see the Joy in a new morph project.  We do have a few other tricks up the sleeve, but I think it will be hard to beat the Diamond.  With all the new work to the web site, it still has about 1 more week to go.  I have been worried about Bugs and his Cancer treatments.  With Bugs on the sidelines, Josh as the right hand man, and crazy Destini cleaning cages, it gets hectic around here.   My wife has helped me a ton with this, and I will start Blogging 2 times a week to keep the site updated.   I hope that people will respect that I will give Very little information out about Princess. I will give updates, and it will be funny to watch rumors fly.   I have worried for years about theft, and I realize that as I put this up on Youtube, that 99.9 percent of people there hate snakes.  My goal with My videos is Not to get a ton of Hits.  I prefer only reptile people looking at the work we do.  I don’t tag much, and I just am trying to market more in general as these Boa laws have threatened our business.  I prefer a smaller nitch because that is what I’m good at.  I love working with the Boas.  It will forever be a Passion.  I hope you enjoy this new look.  I’ll be blogging about the project in a few days, so check back soon…  Here is a link to the Princess Diamond video Enjoy.   The Name “Princess Diamond” describes the Project..   This animal is not endangered.  It is a Common Boa Constrictor.  The genetics are Rare.  The snake would  NEVER be able to hide from Predators. It would have  unfair advantage finding  prey..

Jeremy Stone

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November 23, 2010 at 6:23 am

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