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Back From Europe

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Holland Reptile Show

Hello, I’m back from my 8 day business trip to Europe.  It was quite an adventure.   I missed a whole week of Christmas time for the family and so I’m trying to catch up, and the air travel and time was horrible, I feel jet lagged.   While I was gone Bugs was in the hospital and isn’t doing so well, he called me today and sounded a little better.  He is on soo many medications, I don’t know how anyone could keep track of all of that in one day.  It stinks.  I have to give a shout out to my Son Jax for his 11th Birthday this week.  I can’t believe he is that old already.  It makes me feel even older.

My Europe trip was another Road trip, but this time we had an RV to make the Trip.  I landed in the UK and was able to deliver a bunch of animals I shipped.  My animals made it at the LAST second, and it took forever to clear customs, taxes, and security.   After that we took a Boat from England to France and drove the RV through France, parked on a road in Belgium and got some sleep.   The Heater in the RV went out, and the weather outside was BONE chilling cold.  The Christmas lights on the buildings in all the cites in Europe were beautiful though.  We were lucky to find a mechanic shop in the Netherlands to fix the heater so we were there all day.  We drove to Germany to attend the HAMM show that night and got in late.  The Hamm show was a great show.  I was able to meet a lot more people, and let them know of the animals I have available in Europe.  The ham show is a 1 day even with over 10,000 people with a lot of vendors.  It is very hard to move around, and impossible to see everything in just 1 day.  Because of this, people travel all around and buy animals because they know they may not have a shot at getting the supplies or animals they need.  Also vendors travel from thousands of miles to sell animals.

Camping in Holland Reptile Style

After packing up from Germany, we were off to Holland for the Sunday Holland show.  We found a great RV spot about 20 minutes from the Show outside of Amsterdam.  After the heater was working it was great, but I spent most my time INDOORS because of the cold weather.  Sunday was a BIG show in Holland with a much more relaxed atmosphere and a lot more space.  The Hamm show seems to sell more, but the Holland show is a great event.  After packing up and meeting a lot of people it was off to hang out with many Reptile keepers and breeders.   We had appointments to meet people from all over, and work out the deals we had to do.   It seemed to go by SOO fast.  It’s quite strange to be all the way across the world doing business in Cold weather, but it was a great trip.  I was able to spend a lot more time and get familiar with many of the people I work with, and also meet new people to give me great ideas for how I would like to Work over seas.  In the past, I have always built up a few orders because the shipping is too expensive and the paperwork was a LONG process.

Admiring Attilios T positive Boa.

We now have good people who we work with in Europe that can always provide a group of my animals for sale.  It will make it a LOT easier, because many of the sales that are just a 1 or 2 snake sale I would loose because of the shipping costs and all the time.  I will be making new price lists in a private area and send them off to make sure that if anyone wants to buy an animal, the shipping costs will be a lot less, and as long as they pay the tax, it will make it a LOT EASIER to get a high quality animal with a lot less risks.  You no longer have to Bulk up for the big order.   We are still working out many of the details, and we have a lot of new ideas for other products, but most important is the breeding season ahead, and I’ll write a blog this week on the breeding we have coming.  Thank you again to my Friends for making my Europe trip a good one.

To sum up a CRAZY trip, I traveled through 5 Countries with over 200 Snakes, a few Lizards, with some great people in 6 days, 2 of travel.   I had a friend who had his expensive Watch Stolen by a friendly girl he thought was attractive from Estonia. If  I could name a Country,  I would name it Stonia. lol.    Somehow she made a Slide of Hand trick and STOLE his Watch.   TRUE STORY… It was funny, and sad that she lied. When I asked for the watch back, she realized I knew she had the watch.  She still denied it, and we let it go because we were too nice.  I can’t stand Theft.  It happens all over in the USA too.  Yuk.   It was a Fun and a successful trip.  I was always bundled up.   Going to a Reptile Show with people in Coats and Gloves is also strange to me, but it was great. Take Care,  Jeremy


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December 20, 2010 at 1:01 am

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Off to the Europe Reptile Show..

I love the Houton/Holland Reptile Show

Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying the Holliday Season.  I’m quite stressed this week with our Reptiles.  Paperwork can be one of the biggest Pains in the Butt.  I have had Paperwork sent over 3 times to Europe that keeps getting delayed.  I will be in the Germany and Holland show this weekend, and I’m excited to see and meet Many people there.   However, if I don’t get the Permission tomorrow to ship my animals, I’ll be traveling SOLO… OUCH.. I spend all the time in advance labeling and correctly filling out the forms which can take some time, and for some reason other Countries are taking longer than normal with their paperwork.  The USA side has made it a lot easier, but other countries seem to take longer.    The problem with shipping outside the USA is that it is a pain to do all the paperwork, and than pay shipping and fees and costs.  It costs the same in Shipping for a 50 dollar snake to a 3,000 dollar snake less the taxes of course.   So, it really can make it difficult to do business overseas when people want just one or two animals, or if they want them fast.

Hamm Germany Reptile Show

I have had a lot of emails overseas about my Princess Diamond project, and I’ll be able to show a lot more and give more details about the Projects over in Europe.   I’m also picking out some INCREDIBLE babies for a new project.   I’m attending Hamm, Germany show, but will vend in Houton, Holland.   It will be a quick trip for me with LONG flights.  Yuk..  We may have some cool stuff there that a few people have seen,  so come by and check us out. 

On the cool side.  If you haven’t seen, there is another Cool Morph out of Colombia.  The keeper gives  a lot of background, and describes it to be white, with blue eyes.  It looks similar more to an Albino with Blue eyes. It is not similar to the White Diamond I have, or the Princess Diamond Project.    I am interested in the animal, but for me it is very difficult with Wild Caught Snakes.   I would have to see it in Person to decide if i would buy an animal like this.  It is a female about 3 feet.  He has had a few offers, and it is too difficult to tell someone what it is worth.  You can’t take advantage of someone who has something rare, but you also have to take many things into consideration.  It would be VERY VERY lucky for anyone to even get that project going, and it would take a lot of time.   It is just pretty cool to see other things POP up.  Since my Video, I have been contacted by a few people that have sent me pictures of some INCREDIBLE stuff.   I love how new stuff just pops up, that’s how it happens.  Breeding two random boas may pop up something new.  It’s rare, but it happens.   There are many good Boa projects to work with.   I guess another Boa Trip would be fun to go visit friends in Colombia, but the timing is terrible.   If it were similar to the Diamond Project, I’d probably have to take the trip.  I’ll keep you posted, because I do think if this animal were to produce and be genetic, it would be a cool twist to some Boa projects.  I’d like to do some more field collecting in the future, as that is one of the most Enjoyable things I can do. It is very relaxing.

Field Collecting in South America

Come by the Table in Holland, and say Hello. It’s a quick trip, and i’ll be back shortly.  Josh will be here to take all business calls and I’ll have email.    After that, I’ll be Jet Lagged Monday, but hopefully back in time to take care of the stuff at home and enjoy the Hollidays with the family.   I’ll try to make a good video of the trip.    Jeremy

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December 6, 2010 at 11:21 pm

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