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The Bugs.

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Saying goodbye to a Dear Friend

I’m sorry I haven’t posted here.  We have been in mourning from a great loss to me personally and to our business at   Duane Martin (aka) the Bugs passed last Monday.  I was helping with his funeral and family all weekend, and it seems still strange that he is gone.   He had Liver Cancer, and chose to treat it. The treatments were very aggressive and hard.  He had a hard time getting up after the Middle of December.   I did get him over here and filmed him with his last dance in the snake room Dec. 28th.  I’ll post the video to him later.  I will also include him a few times off and on in the Videos.  Everyone who knew me close, knew that bugs and I had a special friendship since College 20 years ago.  I met him and roomed with him, and we have stayed in touch since then.  Our Lives changed as we had family, but we stayed in touch. I could pick right back up where we left off.  We played a TON of Golf, had a lot of fun, and he was just the kindest person you could meet.  He was very spiritual, but he also could play around and was very non judgmental.  He left behind a beautiful thirteen year old Son River.  He was also the father to “little Russel” age 6.  He was a great Father and LOVED kids.   I don’t even know how to say what a big loss he was to us.  Destini, and Josh all had a special relationship with him.  He worked here the past year and 1/2 about 10 to 20 hours a week.  Josh was the Boss, but since he was My friend, he knew he could stretch the limits, get away with a little more, but and he always kept us smiling.  He had more stories than anyone I could ever meet, and he knew how to TELL A STORY.  He loved my family and became very close to them towards the end.  He was always proud of them, and he was like an older Brother and one of the Best Friends I could have.  Bugs left behind a Dear family of 2 sisters and 1 brother who loved him, and he was very close to his Mom.  He also left behind Julie who is the Mom to little Russel, and she has been an Angel.  She literally gave up her work to make sure she was there with Bugs through every moment when things got tough in the Hospital.  I don’t know how she did it.

Always playing around with the Bugs

Julie knew that Bugs loved coming here, and she would often get frustrated with Bugs because he would stay too late.  He loved to just be around other people.  I didn’t blame her because “Bugs” would have NO time limit, lol.   He couldn’t work a different job, because his health was in decline,  so his work here really helped him.  We called him the Volunteer, but honestly, I think all of us Volunteered for Bugs.   His Spirit won’t

Bugs is the MAN!!!!

die here, and he loved the animals.  I have gotten back to work, but it is strange loosing someone like that.  I can say that I’m very happy to see him out of Pain.  That was very hard to watch him TRY so hard but his body just gave in.   I was HONORED to take part in his Funeral and be a Paul Bearer.  It was a very sad time for all my family, but when you see something like that, it makes you appreciate the time you have here..  So the “Bugs” has made me think deep.  He left me a lot of great advice.  I have had many nicknames but Bugs shortened one of them from Veelite to just V, and it stuck forever…   We shortened BugSpray to the BUGS 19 years ago, and he has loved it ever since..  Nobody really called him Duane once you were in with the “Bugs”.  He had his own language that was so funny.  I could go ON AND ON.   I am getting back to work and am planning a schedule for 2011. I will be traveling often it looks like.   I will post my Video soon from California 2 weeks ago at the Pomona Reptile Show.  I know many people may have thought the Videos were Corny of Bugs, but that was Who he was..  I’m quite Strange myself..  lol   Everyone here really misses the Bugs.  His funeral was amazing. It was so nice to see all the lives of his nieces, nephews, and friends who he had touched.  There were many.  We all told great Bug stories.  I don’t know how to sum up the Bug’s.  I know he knows that we loved him.  He will be missed. Here is a Video I did for him.  I will put up a few more of his last dance, and Our Tribute Dance.  Bug loved to Dance.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.   Take Care, Jeremy


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January 21, 2011 at 11:11 pm

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