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We Need your Help..

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Working on My Repsonse to the Media..

We have some good PR options available to us because of the Laws that affect many of us.    My story in the NY times had an impact on many of the readers in a positive way.  Here is what I’m doing now.  We need 1000 faces AND names of people the laws affect.   Since Congress got a little message when we dropped THOUSANDS of signatures on their door,  we think faces with names will work better.   HERE IS HOW YOU CAN HELP!!!!  Please send us 1 Photo of you holding a reptile and your name and permission saying you support  this BASIC message.

Here is the Message.   Our VOICE is Universal… We are REPTILE people that stand up for our Rights and Freedoms.  This is NON Political.  This issue affects us all.  I need real faces and or family. We want diversity. Black, white, Asian, straight, Republican, Democrat, Christian, Muslim, Budist, it doesn’t matter.  What Bonds us is the love we have for our Animals, and we want Responsible policy that will HELP our Environment and respect our rights to responsibly keep these animals.   We are all different, yet we have something in common.

Send them to  I ask you to send me 5 people you know and their picture, name and approval.  This should be easy to get 1000, but if we have to, we will shoot for 10,000, or even more.   YOUR PICTURE WILL NOT HAVE YOUR NAME ATTACHED TO IT. The ending will  include a list of all the names of all who approved the message in small print.    This will take us a few weeks to produce, so please pass the message around with a PHOTO and a name.   This will be done in a 4 minute video so your picture will flash for maybe .2 seconds along with 1000 other pictures of people with Reptiles that support the message. This helps us get the Word out.

We will have my Son Jackson than go on the Road and do a Science and Scout Project that will insight legislators on how these minor laws when done without proper science can affect Generations.    He will have a lot of work and gain a lot of good press.  He will do the Report in a NON biased way.  It will be put together  so a 5th grader could understand how simple laws affect us.     This is something we are doing on the side.. We do NOT want ANY profit from this, and we will pay  to have it produced.  All we ask is a few pictures, and pass the message on…  Jackson will show his Final report to a Member of the US Senate and report back to the people that helped him with the process.   He will be speaking to well respected Scientists, Professors, Herpetologists, Businessman, Conservationist, and even the US Fish and Wildlife.  We don’t have the time to make this HUGE, but we do want to make a profound difference in the way Reptile People are treated.   This will be the best I can do…

Working on a Large Science and Scout Project..

I would NOT do this, and invest time into something I didn’t believe in.  We Support USARK.  We will be working with many different people on the project.  Thank you for your time.   PLEASE SEND US YOUR PHOTOS, if you want to send a brief paragraph too, that would be great.  The More stories we can pull the better…   We will also do a few quick video logs of people it affects.  Real Faces with so much diversity.

Our next video will be on a few breeding projects, and how do do some things around here.   I will try to pass this around Facebook and my contact form, but please help get me 5 of your family or friends pictures and names that would support that message so we can get the word out.

Jeremy Stone


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February 14, 2011 at 11:44 pm

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NY Times Article created a lot more Buzz than we were ready for…

with one comment By Leslie Kaufman

Our Bug Break

Since the time of the publication of the Article Written, we have had a large chain of events.  First, the passing of our dear friend, and now we are again confronted with the new Law on the Legislative area again. This is similar to the old S373.  It seems they are attacking responsible animal keepers again from the angle of the “SCARY SNAKE”. The old s373 may turn into the new HR511.  Terrible Science, and bad policy is tough to go up against.  Here is my Official Response to the New York Times article.  I appreciate Leslie in trying to portrait both sides of the issue.

FIRST: I’m PROUD to be an American.  I believe we live in the greatest Country, and I’m very patriotic.  I believe in the American Dream.  This issue doesn’t only affect many American families, it affects people all over the World that have a passion for responsible reptile keeping for the purpose of Science, education, and propagation.


I will challenge a few points of the Article .  1st.  “31,000 were imported in 2008”, MY RESPONSE: the numbers for 2010 are available and show a DRAMATIC decline in Importation.  2nd.  The USGS was asked to assess the risk: “They estimated that suitable climates for the Burmese python in particular might include the 11 southernmost states from California to North Carolina. If global warming continued apace, the geological survey added, the snakes might even be at home in New York City by 2100.” MY RESPONSE:  I can prove this wrong with many of statistic used consistent with approved science.   My 5th grade son’s science project makes more common sense.  If it takes a 5th grader to become educated on both areas to see there are MAJOR flaws, it doesn’t say much for our USGS scientists in this situation. I respect the line of field they work in.  I just believe they are dead wrong on this one.    I would be happy to debate ANY of these scientists in a Respectful format, and I will invite this debate at any occasion.  There is NO proof the animals in question in Florida are moving North.  It is my opinion that the Policies being set forth are a dangerous precedent to all animal keepers.  The law’s don’t take into consideration all the Facts and who would be affected.  I believe it is UNPRECEDENTED to include the 9 and especially the Boa Constrictor on the Invasive Species list.  This would and could potentially make pet owners all over the United States held accountable under the Lacy Act (Felony) if they try to move or travel with their pet out of their own STATE.

There are many issues I could discuss on the topic because of the subject,  I have been contacted by many people and a lot of Print media.  I have been asked to speak on Government and Ethics at a University if my time will allow.  It brings up many points.  We have to stand up for what we believe in.  Because of this article, I will do a few more print Media Articles, but speak about the subject through my Blog.   We are starting to show in some of our Youtube videos the Passion side of why we do what we do.  I do run a family business.  It is my passion to Educate especially our Youth about Responsible Reptile keeping, and the importance Reptiles have on our Ecosystem.   I will show more of the family side as we do some of our Videos and plan our Schedule for the breeding season with babies, and our travel.  We will be headed out to Washington this week to meet with some people to get some positive Press on a smaller scale.  We still will hold our head up high, and continue to do business as we have many exciting projects for the year.  We hope to portray  The Human side.  The Media seems to focus on the “Negative” side.  I guess that comes with the territory of fighting for your rights to enjoy and share your passion with many new generations.   We are not CRAZY “hoarder” Americans.  We are proud of what we do, and why we do it!!!! My story is only a TINY amount of what connects Reptile Keepers ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I guess if you watch my last video you’ll think we are Crazy.  I take my business serious when working with the Animals, but I’m a Child at Heart, and try to live my life that way…  My Late friend Bugs was a Great example of that.  As you can see his kids are moving forward after the loss of their Father..

We have some exciting stuff to come.. Keep your head up.. Get your Game Face on like “Little Russel”  he’s a classic, raised by Jules and Bug.     Jeremy Stone

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February 1, 2011 at 12:00 am

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