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Back From Europe

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Attilio at our Place in 2010

With the Jet Lag, and the trip. I’m finally kind of back to normal.  I went to the Hamm show to help vend for   It was a great trip, and I was able to meet a lot of new people.  In the past we have worked on a Lot of Europe reptile packages, but all too often it gets tied down because of shipping, and the expense of shipping.  This has been a problem for many years.  We turn away a lot of customers because the cost of shipping is usually with taxes and shipment a minimum of 1000 dollars.  We hope to close that gap and be able to offer a lot more quality animals through a good European distributor.  I have done a lot of business with a lot of people, but I have found one that we have a great working relationship with.  That is http://www.fgreptiles.  Attilio has one of the RAREST private collection of Boas in Europe.  As many people know we do Boas and Ball Pythons.  We have a great distribution and a good USA market for both, but my goal is to get HIGH end good quality animals to more people in a easy way.  Here is what we are doing.  I have traveled and seen the facility at http://www.fgreptiles, and it is a very good one.  Attilio has also traveled here and picked out many animals for his private collection.  I have a good relationship with him because we both LOVE Boas, and not only all boas, but high quality animals that look great.

Finishing Up at the Hamm Germany Show with some good Boa People.

Here is how this will work.  I will get a lot of questions about this.   We send many of our Boas for Sale to If you want an animal for delivery in Hamm, you can order through us and cut down on the shipping.   All prices will be the SAME.    What you get from the same cost you can get it from me for.  We also both work Independent.  I will still ship to other countries and fill orders, and we will attend the Europe Reptile shows at least 2 times a year.     I get a lot of emails for just cheaper animals that go to the way side because the shipping is too expensive.  By working with and, people in Europe will have the chance to get just one or two animals for a good shipped price.  The Key will be the QUALITY.  We do NOT want to sell any animals that are not in perfect health.   As many people will know, we sell only well started animals. We of course will also work out lots of packages in larger orders too.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please email us.  Again, we are working together, but we also have separate businesses.   Our personalities are different, and our styles may be different, but we both have the passion for incredible Boas and Ball Pythons.  Our price may not always be the cheapest, but the quality is always worth the extra bang for buck.  I understand that people will want to work directly with me, but I can assure you the outcome will be the same.  A high quality animal, a good price, and all the cites available for you to pick up your animal in Hamm, Germany, or Houton Holland.

I had another Crazy Reptile Adventure.  I’ll blog about it when I get my camera shipped back. I thought it was lost, but a hotel did find it.  I have a lot of good footage and some good videos to come.  Our breeding season is winding down. I’ll blog about this, and Jackson’s project.  This will explain some of the new videos that I’ll be doing.   Have a great week.   I’m updating my Facebook profile with a nice good Reptile Picture a Day.

Jeremy Stone


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March 25, 2011 at 4:27 pm

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Jackson’s Project:

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Jackson Getting ready for a project...

Thank you to Snakebytes TV for the shout out to help Jackson with his project.  PLEASE WATCH the latest Snakebytestv episode, and look at the shout out to Jackson at the end of the Video. For the next month we are accepting pictures.  If you want to show support in a great Message of Unity, please send as MANY pictures are you can.  WE NEED PICTURES and the names of the people in the pictures.   We will Use the Names at the END OF THE PRESENTATION all together.  The Names will not be needed to Identify you in the Picture.    If you can get your neighbors, friends, family to show support that would be great.  The more the better.    Please send Pictures of you and your reptiles.  We want to show the FACES of people who love the reptiles, and want to continue in responsibly keep the animals we want.  The Names are important because it gives us permission to say all the people in the Pictures support the message.    I could personally go collect all these if I wanted.  We would rather see people get a little active and help in a SMALL way.   Jackson’s project will be filmed and produced, and should go well.  It is the least we can do.  I think the Audience will like what they see.

PLEASE KEEP THE PICTURES COMING. WE ASKED FOR 1000, but we would like to get 10,000. I will go into further detail of how it is going in the next few weeks. please send all emails to


This next week is a VERY BUSY week. I’ll have some exciting news to talk about.  Very large projects, and we have to choose our time wise.  My videos will be changing a little in the next while, and I will always try to be positive toward the business.  I do have a passion for showing animals in a different way.   It keeps it fun.   I will be going to Germany next week to attend the Reptile Show, but I will try to get a blog out before to explain a lot more of the production work we will be doing.

I’d like to wish  my wife Kara a happy Anniversary   We have been married 14 years.  It was the best decision I have ever made.   She’s my best friend, and works so hard in organizing my business.  She is a wonderful mother of our 4 Stone children.   No more kids for us.  This old Steer is DONE.. Medically/snipped   (lol)

Here is a link to our recent Videos.  You can see us take a break, and than onto newer stuff. Our Bug Break.

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March 2, 2011 at 8:34 pm

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