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Jackson’s Project Update

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Pictures like this for the Project

We are trying to get this project complete by April 24, so Please send your pictures.

Hello,  We need your Help collecting Photos of People with Their Reptiles: (Click this for Jackson’s Project)


Please click on this Link and help me get as many pictures as I can to put in a short 3 minute video.  You’re your picture will appear for .2 seconds along with hundreds of others.  This project will help show support for legislation against Banning our Animals.  My son Jackson is also doing a project that will show some bias in the USGS Process of the RULE CHANGE adding 9 species of snakes. The Interior Department and USFW have sent in the Rule to have it reviewed by the OMB.  If this law were to go through, it would be a disaster.   This process should be reviewed in 40 days.


How can you help?  PLEASE SEND US A PHOTO OF YOU and your name.

  1. Photo in .jpg format to
  2. Please list the Names of people in the Photo.  They will not be displayed during the video with your photo, but we want the names to have permission to say you support the message.


We need as many pictures as you can send. Please ask family members or friends.  If you can support this message,  Please send us as many photos as you can.  I need a LOT more BOA people.  I have a ton of Pics with lots of snakes, but we need a few more Boa Pics.

Sample of Photo for the Project. Any photo will do. .jpg


Here is the MESSAGE:

“Our Voice is Universal.  We are Reptile Lovers that stand up for our Rights and Freedoms.  What Bonds us is our love we have for Reptiles.  We want responsible policy that will help our environment and respect our rights to responsibly keep these Reptiles.”


Please send me these Photos, and I’ll update you on the Video and Jackson’s School project.  We will film this as well, and let others see the work he has done.


Thank you very much,


Please send your pictures.  It will take 2 seconds. Please use .jpg  FORMAT.

Also, for some Reptile News, PLEASE Click this Link and share it with as many people as you can. This shows you how Bogus the science behind the Agenda of the USGS.


Jeremy Stone


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April 11, 2011 at 11:32 pm

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