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It’s a Crazy Year

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Jungle Het T bred to T positive Motley

Thank you to all who sent pictures for Jackson’s project.  He had to sift through over 1900 pictures, and he accidentally left out about 75 faces of names.  He will use them in the follow up.   It is a crazy year.  We are starting to have our Boa litters, and I think it will be a very fun year.   Exciting News.  We have signed with a production company to provide content for them for “Alternative Program”.  I like the work they do.   This doesn’t mean much yet, but it allows me a great opportunity to learn more about the work and production process.   This may give me a good soapbox for the laws if I need it.  I think they really like Jackson, lol.  We don’t know if anything will come of this, but I do like to maintain a Private life.  I do show a lot of my life expressing myself through the Videos that I produce for youtube.  I enjoy putting together GREAT clips of the work we do, and also expressing my passion for breeding the Reptiles we have.  I only want Reptile People looking at what I do on Youtube.  I try to put some good tunes to a few good clips, and Bounce…

I will be traveling over to Italy for an awesome REPTILE road trip.  I’ll try to get some good Videos. Italy Reptile Days is on May 25th and 26th.   I’ll also come to the Hamm Germany Show, and the Holland Reptile Show on the 4th and 5th of June.  Stop by Fgreptiles in Italy, and Germany, and Say hello.  I’ll have some good footage of the PD project and other stuff.   I’m very happy with the PD project.  I’ll post a vid tomorrow and I have 3 private Vids I’m working on that will be SPECIFICALLY related to just this project and the

Hypo Motley Mother Carrying Diamonds

“WHACKY” stuff that goes on.

Jackson’s project has been Slightly delayed due to some positive news on how we can share it.   I hope to have it done soon after the Hamm Germany show.  This will be a lot of travel for me, but Josh, and the crew will be here.  Indy will be here too.  lol    I’ll be in and out with major Jet lag.  I’ll be filming a lot of the litters this year.  I can be reached at all times through the contact form.   We get back to you fast when we get emails from there.

Tomorrow, I’ll show the vid showing some JAW dropper stuff.  The CREAM of the Crop….

Take Care, J Stone


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May 19, 2011 at 10:56 pm

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Facebook Auctions…

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Example Of Animal For Sale On Facebook.

We will be placing a few items up for auction in FACEBOOK each week.

The following rules apply:
We will place a opening bid on the item. This bid starts the auction and each auction will be active for 24 hrs.
Payment must be made by paypal or Credit Card over the phone 801-310-6857 within 12 hours of closed auction. If payment is not received within 12 Hours, Item will go to the next Highest Bidder.

A $35 shipping charge will be applied in the US.
We can have animals delivered to the All Hamm Shows every 3 months. A $75 delivery charge will apply and you will be responsible for the import tax at the time of pickup.
All questions contact
Jeremy Stone Reptiles

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May 9, 2011 at 6:37 pm

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Getting Ready For Babies..

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Hypo Motley Gravid. Waiting down the Days..

Thank you to all who sent in pictures for Jackson’s Video.  You can see it at We will send out e-mails to all who sent pictures.  We have had a wicked Flu bug hit us, and I have been ill for almost 10

Jackson Stone Mowing lawn for the First time.. Makes me proud..

days, and Josh has also been sick and checked himself into the hospital he had the flu so bad.   I hope today is the tail end of it, but I have been thinking that for a few days.   The fun should start soon with Baby season.  Our First litter is in a few days, and we are looking forward to kicking the baby season off.  It seems to go by soo fast year after year, but around the time you are expecting a good litter, it seems to take FOREVER.  I did want to thank you personally for all the private messages I have received on Jackson’s behalf.   We are removing his facebook page.  I just don’t think it is good that young of kids to be on Facebook, and so his page will be removed since his video project is done.  We will set up a little area for him to talk to reptile people in my facebook account.

I have so much catching up to do.  We have a few videos in the works, and I’m going to be setting up a PRIVATE youtube video account of many different topics.  Field Collecting, RARE genes, and of course Diamond Information shared to people who want more information in a serious way.  I will also give a few tips, pics, and off the cuff remarks that I think will help others that are more BOA specific.  If you want to be able to access this information, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO’ll hopefully know more about the project this year.  It is my favorite of course, but we have others in the works.  We will be letting go of only a few more pair of hets this year, so if you are interested, call or emails us.  We will be producing a lot of cool combos this year, but we have given a few females a rest, and made room for other stuff, so we aren’t going to have a MONSTER Boa year, and I prefer it that way.  We will have more Specific litters that I want to gear my collection toward in the future of some of the Best genes and morphs around.  You can’t work with them all, so you have to specialize.  I have had to slim down, but that is a good thing in my opinion.  Gives me a little more time with animals I really love.

Just gave me a P.O.S. She was bright with a soft light hitting her...

I just wanted to check in and THANK everyone for the pictures and we will have Jackson’s other project done soon.   I’m still sick dangit…   Here is the STUD jackson himself yesterday for the first time on the LAWN.   He makes me proud.   Big enough to mow the lawn.  WOW…    Have a great Week.    Jeremy Stone

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May 4, 2011 at 9:52 pm

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