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A Busy Reptile Summer…

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I have been very busy this summer working on the collection, and a few other projects.   I have not blogged as much since the passing of our friend and employee the Bugs.  It has been a huge loss, but in the process we have had one of the craziest years you can have.   I will blog short blogs on a more consistent basis.

Attilio with Diamond...

I have been working on a few projects as I have been traveling a lot attending Reptile Shows.  I have been to 5 countries and 10 states this year already.  It has been a interesting time.  I have been laying low on the youtube videos, and still trying to get them out at least once or twice a month.  As many know, I put them together myself.  I do all the editing, and music selection, and try to throw something catchy up with not tagging the videos.  I really only want them for Reptile people not worldwide.   I

Packing up for the Reptile Show and Off to Europe

have jumped onto many different things this year. First Jackson’s project had a great impact for me.  We were filmed and did some work for USARK that we are very proud of.  In that process we have also been working with a great Production Company.  They have been following my business and family for a little while.  I have been helping them create content for different types of media.   You can visit the work they do at  We will be filming in Anaheim, so if you are not shy, come by and say hello.  No acting, just exactly as is.  I have given out an incredible journey that I have been on in Finding Rare animals, and I will want to tell more of a great story once we have the film done.  My book will follow on Boas and an amazing journey.  We will be filming a little in Snake Day Amsterdam. (permission pending)  I will also attend the Vernona Italy Show.  I am working with this project and including a few USA breeders.  We will keep it updated to let you know the Results of the work we have put in.  I can say this should be viewed in a POSITIVE with all the Negative out there in Animal Content for Television.   Here are my 2 videos that you can see for the month.  Please be patient with us as we have lots going on.  We always get back within 12 hours of our Contact form if you contact us through that.  I will be working on the website to make it more user friendly with more animals available.    I hope to see you in Anaheim, Chicago, or any Europe Show.    Here is more of a quick Bio Video I have done too.     Contact us through the Contact form if you have any questions.      Have a great Day!  I’ll blog more on the Following of the Princess Project that connects buyers from all over the world.  J


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