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Managing Rare Projects.

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Kara with Diamond

Here is my latest Youtube Video.

In this Video I talk about my decision to Retire The Adult White out of the Project.  Here is what this means.  After 2012 season, we will not have any 100 percent hets.  Next year Poss hets and maybe a few whites can be sold.  We had no intention of breeding the Diamond to his Daughters Directly.  That would not be good for the bloodline down the Road.  White Projects with balls have seem to always go WAY better with Hets, and than unrelated Whites to Hets.  I will do the same down the road.  I need some different out crossed White Bloodlines, and we hope to have those in 2013/14.   In July we hope to have 2 litters from the Diamond.  We stretched him far for the past few years.  This particular animal is a different breeder from common Males.  He will breed with a LONG dance and a ton of movement.  He will go NON stop, and he seems to drop weight VERY fast.  He does take breaks, but when he breeds, he really gets a big workout.  I know that if we stretched him another season he would be Dust, and I can’t allow that.    The people in the project have been happy they know there aren’t going to be “Hundreds of Hets”.  Way less! I do what I say I’m going to do.

This also allows us to focus on lots of other Boa and Ball Projects.  I really don’t Mass Produce Boas.  I never want to have more than 50 litters in a Year.  With that we carefully would add 70 females to the rotation, and that is the MOST I would ever want to do.  It doesn’t help the market, and it also requires more work, feed, shipping, etc…  So, with the Diamond not being the ONLY project we focus on, we feel comfortable in working our Projects and doing a great Diamond project.  I am sure some of my customers will probably even produce more Whites than i will down the Road, but I just want the Best Bloodlines, and some CRAZY animals, and I’m good. There is good group in Asia and I’m excited to see how well they will do as I wish them luck.   I also do take Marketing into account with the Project.

There are some amazing other Boas out there, and some that will command a LOT of attention in the up coming Months.  Not having much with the Diamond project allows me and others to focus on some High end Boa morphs, and the market will continue on.  The Princess Diamond is just piece

Working in the good Weather.

of the Boa Revolution that we will see in the Future.    I have tried to keep the Diamond project VERY RARE, and it is something I have a passion in.  We have not had a litter over the Size of 19, but our babies have been FANTASTIC and large babies from the girls we selected.

I will discuss more soon, but I wanted to get to the next few things going on.   We will have video descriptions to update the site.  We will describe morphs and combinations.  We will add and link  them to our youtube channel.  I will have lots of shorter clips coming up soon. Make sure you subscribe to the channel if you want an email when I have a new video to show.

Next Blog Topics:  Breeding Video.  Raising Boas with only feeding weekly never two meals.  Life Span statistics, and more. Will we Unveil something “Rare” like the Diamond soon??  In the next few years we hope so!!!!!  Crossing Fingers…

I got a lot of good questions, and I’m trying to give straight talk in what to expect when breeding boas.    I’m Coaching Jackson’s Dodger Game tonight.  It honestly is one of my Favorite things to do in the World.   GO DODGERS!!!

J Stone


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