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Summer Season is coming fast..

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Freak Morph that died 45 minutes after born. He had an open stomach with his guts on the outside. Sad. It was soo pretty.


Jungle Motley PH Anery/Blood Boa. Born 6/1/2012

With the Busy summer ahead, I won’t be able to do as many Videos.  I will try to get one up every 3 to 4 weeks, but I’m doing certain small videos to organize better with a good video description of cool morphs.  We have had some fun litters the past few weeks, and I have been able to get a lot of good footage.  We are saving the video footage and some of the goods to keep for our Boa Constrictor Keeping and Breeding video that we hope to have for sale be the Fall.  We will have the Website updated by the first of July with all the newer animals we have for sale.  We have sold a lot of our litters that we have had to certain buyers around the country and world.  Since we are having a slower boa year, we will be slim on inventory, so if you see something you like, please send us an email.

We have a busy schedule planned. I will be in Hamm,  Germany this weekend  June 9th.  I will be staying at the Mercure and have an extra room if anyone needs one, let me know. Mike Wilbanks and I are going to do some travel together and I’ll be near his table.  I’ll help him unpack and set up so his crew can get some rest. Please come by and say hello.  I am excited to see many friends over there that share the Reptile passion. There are some INCREDIBLE Reptiles in Europe.  It is a Short trip, and I’ll be home on Monday.  Josh will be here to take emails and orders, and my wife is going to help coach Zack and Jackson’s little league games while I’m gone.  I hate missing a Dodgers Game.


Albino Jungles Born 5/24/2012

There are a lot of projects that I’m trying to work on. This week we had a litter from a Jungle het anery het blood CA bred to a Hypo Motley pastel Boa.  I think this will be a great gene in the future, and I knew they would look really cool.  The parents are both very nice Boas.   My goal with this is to strengthen up the Super Jungle Gene (I love the looks of the Super Jungle). With these being 3/4 is Colombian, I think the CA will help the jungle gene, but it is just a fun project.  Jungle, Blood, and Motleys and Hypos/anerys, all in one is a cool route to go down the road.

I will be discussing in the Videos on how to get Boas a certain size and why.  We got a lot of questions about my last video.  I’ll have to explain more about raising and life span in the next few sections. Also, yes, PD is doing fine. We won’t have babies until July from that project.  This will be the last year we will have HETS available.   We are also hatching out some ball pythons.  We are going to have a solid year on the Balls.  When you have a downer Boa year and resting females, it is nice to have Ball pythons help keep your spirits up.  When both are in bad seasons, it is hard to stay positive.    I hope everyone is going to have a Great Summer.  With my kids home from School I can tell I’m in for a long summer.  🙂     To contact us please use the Contact form on  Jeremy  Stone


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