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Our 2012 Season is in Full Bloom. Here is some News

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Sunglow Jungle VPI


Baby Boas 2012. A good mix.

Hello, I just wanted to give a lot of news quick.  We have been very busy with the summer.  I have been doing less posts and videos because we are trying to get our Video For Sale on Keeping and Breeding Boas launched by October 1st.  We have had a very busy June and Mid July.  We only have 2 Boa litters left for the season and that will be it.  Our Ball Pythons have been hatching and we are busy setting them up.  We will have an Updated List on of most our Available Boas for the year.  Right now we are getting with a lot of our Wholesalers and larger customers for some of our Package deals, but we should have a good updated list of Boas for the 2012 year.  The Balls will be coming in later and we will keep the website updated.  Facebook is always crazy and people like to contact me there.  I am building a fan page and we will have that up shortly and we will put up animals and specials for sale there as well.


Motleys HET PD


Some Nice Jungle Motleys and Salmon Jungles Het Albino

I am happy with the Season we had because we produced a Ton of Variety.  We had a Jungle Het PD litter where we got 3 Jungles and 1 normal and some slugs from a smaller, but the Babies were huge, and they are awesome.  We also had a Motley litter and the Babies from that female are UNREAL.  That will be it for PD.  The rest will be up to his Children. We had a few VPI litters, some insane Jungle and Sharp stuff, and a some great Combos with the Arabesque.   We are looking for a few projects, and we will be able to offer some trade this year.  If you have some good animals, let us know.

I will be trying to keep the pages together soon and link them.  With youtube, facebook, and the page, it is hard to juggle them all, but the Best way to contact us for info on Rare Boa projects or anything available is through the contact form.

I have a lot of good footage so I’ll put together a few shorter videos.  I have been doing shorter private videos for some of our customers on Rare stuff when they are purchasing orders.

I hope you all are enjoying the Hot Summer Weather.  Have a great Week. Jeremy Stone


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