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Holliday season and planning for our Breeding Video Release..

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UPDATE ON BREEDING VIDEO:  We will have this available January 7th.  We have had some issues with Publishing for Copyrights, but I am also adding a section at the end of some amazing Boas of the Future, from some other Breeders,so this can be updated.  We apologize for not having them ready before Christmas.  We start our Breeding November 15, but due to the warmer weather we have barely begun the breeding season.  Most of Breeding comes in December, January, February, and March.   We will have the Videos available on the site and with a few distributors.

The Best Part of Boas

The Best Part of Boas

I will be sending out a Mass Email for those that use my Newsletter.  We will be sending out Deals through our Newsletter, and be

VPI Jungle Mot X Hypo Mot

VPI Jungle Mot X Hypo Mot

posting up Adds on Facebook and Auctions.   We are using my personal FACEBOOK account for this, but we will be posting them also to the Fan Page.  Bidding will be accepted there after APRIL.   If you want to bid on any of the animals we have, please private message me in Facebook because our Friends limits exceed 5k.  I will add you as a friend if you private message me.

Please visit our Fan page on Facebook and Like the page if you want to see a lot of good Boas and Ball pythons and get some incredible deals.

I will be in Hamm Germany reptile show this weekend. It will be a quick trip.   If you have a special Boa you want to show me to allow for some pictures, please let me know.   Jeremy


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December 4, 2012 at 6:54 pm

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