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Our Newsletter made a mistake this week so I thought I would post the Whole thing here. To Sign up for the newsletter to get Weekly updates here is the Link.

Special Deals this week.  This is the first time we have offered up this snake.  2014.  0.1 Princess Diamond Super Fire with an Unrealted FIRE DIAMOND Male. We have not offered ANY FOR SALE this year.   (Inquire ) Overseas sales must wait to receive until after July 2015.  There will be very few Super Fires Produced in 2015.

Also, we have a Sunglow Sharp Strain Albino 2014 Male Het Snow 2k.  We are also going to sell a few pairs of 2014 Possible Dominant Hypos 100 percent Het Blood and also Het Anerythristic type 2.  SPECIAL 2k for the Week only.  2014 Ghost Male 100 percent het Sharp Strain Albino 1500.00   These can be purchased worldwide, however shipping is not available until August.

The new  has had a face lift. We are excited for the 2015 Season.  For You can check out our Weekly Auctions that end Thursdays to combine shipping if you win multiple Auctions.   We have 30 Auctions up now that end Thursday. These are made available only to the USA at the current time.  However, we are working to make all auctions and animals available for delivery with CITES worldwide again in August of 2015.   This is something we have worked hard on that will be ready shortly with an update.  Our Auctions are USA only at this time.

Be Sure to Keep Checking the Site Weekly as it will be updated on a Weekly basis.  Go Check it out. We post a lot to our Facebook Fan page. Make sure you like the page to see it in your feed.

Last week we had some sad news that there was federal legislation and many friends in the business who work with Retics and Anacondas were affected in a negative way. We are not happy about this at all.  The only positive news is the Boa Constrictor was not affected and removed from the USA Federal Register for Listing as an Invasive Species, so the Boa is here to stay.  We encourage all to stay into the debate and help out raise money for a Lawsuit that is pending in Federal Court to get the Constrictor Rule Reversed.

Sincerely,   Jeremy and Kara Stone    (  Home of and our Motto is “Operation White Snake ALL OVER THE WORLD”   email is



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