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Hello From  We have some INSANE deals right now on the site.

Current INVENTORY:  Please email if you don’t see anything in the Cart or full inventory on the page.

Here is our leftover stock with goodies before we have the 2017 baby season.  You can see the full inventory on the page and check out through the Cart.  Also check out many of the Fire Diamond projects on the site for great deals.  Most of animals under 500 dollars are firm as we close out the inventory. OBO on higher end animals.  email   If you want overseas shipping on items over 500 dollars please contact to arrange quarterly shipping to other countries, the shipping prices may be a little higher depending on your area.

Check out the Short Video of our line up or list on the Facebook fan page or youtube.

We have been breeding and hope to have a good 2017 season.  We have a good 5 to 6 months window here. If have not got your 2 hour non Stop Boa Keeping and breeding DVD to give you extra hints on breeding.  Here is the Link.

We run our Business three ways.

1. We have a list of Wholesalers we have worked hard and established relationships from Europe and Asia, Canada, etc..  These wholesalers only buy larger orders so they often visit my place and we give them high prioroty.  This year our wholesalers picked out many of our VPI stock, Fire Diamond Stock, etc…  If you are interested in any animal, we may have it, so please email to check to see if we may have in stock what you are looking for.

2. We use our Web site where you can check out Immediately to purchase an animal from the Cart.  We keep this page fresh and update so you can see at least an example of 50 animals of some of the current inventory we have. If there is anything you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.   Some prices can be negotiable, and we do offer payment plans and some trade deals on few Boa constrictors. We do will not trade for Ball pythons as we are satisfied and settled in our projects at the moment.

3. We list about 40 Auctions of Boa Constrictors and Ball pythons on monthly that run every other Thursday.  Often you will find some insane deals there as the auction is a gauge and a great network of quality animals. Auctions must be paid for within 72 hours of the Auction Rules. You can sign up to bid at this link.  COMBINE on shipping costs with Multiple Auction Wins.

Many auctions are offered world wide so please check the area for delivery and we combine shipping costs on multiple animal wins.  Sign up to Bid on Auctions Here.

 We will run Auctions shortly on all items that don’t sell for super Thursdays to prepare for room for the new babies.  As of now only one snake is there until Super Thursdays on April 13th.

Current INVENTORY:  Please email if you don’t see anything in the Cart or full inventory on the page .

We have very few Super Fire Boas left, but we have a good variety of Fire Diamonds with multiple bloodlines available now if you want to get a year or two up on projects you may like.

Be Sure to Keep Checking the Site Weekly as it will be updated on a Weekly basis.  Go Check it out. We post a lot to our Facebook Fan page. Make sure you like the page to see it in your feed.

2017 expected inventory.  Sharp Albinos, Many combos in the line including Blood Sharp, Snow blood sharp, and others with the Amazing BCW combos that Rival VPI looking stock to ad diversity to your collection.   VPI,  Snowglow Jungle, Jungle Motley, Motley VPI, Snow VPI, Aztec VPI, etc…  IMG Aztec Sunglow VPI, and IMG ghost VPI.   Kahl Bloodline albinos.  Many combos, arabesque, jungle, Motley, and IMG albino.   IMG, aztec IMG and hypo aztec IMG Fire Diamond.  Hypo Aztec IMG het Albino and het Snow.    Fire Diamond. The Most diverse bloodlines with a few combos people don’t even know was possible.   Also few Super Fire Princess or Emporor Diamonds will be born here in 2017, but fire Diamond Litters will be available with diverse genetic bloodlines.   We have a great diverse of some Surprise projects as well.

BALL PYTHONS..  This will be one of our better seasons with Rare projects.   We have over 75 combinations we will make with many clutches to supply our customers in the past unlike I was able to the past few years.  It will be a great Ball year.  email is and Phone is 8017094841 if your prefer to text or Call.

If video does not appear, here is the Link.

Sincerely,   Jeremy Stone  ( Home of and our Motto is “Operation White Snake ALL OVER THE WORLD”
Thank you for registering for the Newsletter. We Try to send these out every two weeks to a monthly. This year has been a very busy season.  If you don’t want to be subscribed to this email. Please click the UNSUBSCRIBE button.


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